Case will never close until Lea’s killer is caught

L�a Florentina Brooke died on Monday 10th November aged 81
L�a Florentina Brooke died on Monday 10th November aged 81

On Sunday it will have been five years since a grandmother was murdered in her own home by arsonists.

Despite a massive investigation detectives have still not caught the killer of Lea Florentina Brooke.

Mrs Brooke, 81, was sleeping at her Sandal Grange home, on Walton Lane, during the early hours of November 10, 2008, when white spirit was poured through her letter box and set it alight.

Detectives remain convinced that the grandmother of 12, who never got to meet her first great-grandchild, was the victim of mistaken identity.

The murder of Mrs Brooke is the only case senior investigating officer Det Supt David Pervin has not solved in his long career with West Yorkshire Police.

Det Supt Pervin said: “The forensic evidence obtained from the scene leaves us in no doubt that this was a malicious act of arson resulting in Lea’s death.

“Enquiries are still active and I can promise this is a case that will never close until Lea’s killer is caught.

In the hunt for Mrs Brooke’s killers, a reconstruction was broadcast on BBC’s Crimewatch but no new significant witnesses came forward.

One theory is that the arsonists were targeting Mrs Brooke’s son, Howard Brooke who ran a construction business and often stayed at his mothers isolated home.

Det Supt Pervin said: “We believe this was a targeted attack but don’t believe Mrs Brooke was the intended victim.

“From the location of her house we don’t believe it was a random attack.

“As time moves on we hope that whoever has done this will no longer be able to live with the guilt on their conscience and come forward, but that is not likely.

“What is more likely is that someone who is close to that person will come forward.”

Anyone with information should call Det Supt Pervin on 101 .

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.