Cash stolen after raid on Stanley Sports and Social Club

Stanley Rangers ARLFC vice chairman Wayne Grice.
Stanley Rangers ARLFC vice chairman Wayne Grice.

Thieves smashed their way into a sports club house and stole more than £3,000.

Players and volunteers at Stanley Sports and Social Club have been left devastated by the break-in.

The thieves struck just minutes after the building had been locked up during the early hours of Sunday.

Staff had left the Lee Moor Road club at 1.20am.

CCTV cameras managed to catch images of three people arriving shortly afterwards and using a shovel to break in to the club house and changing rooms.

The club is used by Stanley Rangers ARLFC and Stanley Falcons Cricket Club.

Rangers vice chairman Wayne Grice said the incident has left the community shaken.

He said: “It is a kick in the teeth. These days we can’t afford to lose any amount of money, which gets put back into the club.

“On the CCTV you can see the intruders waiting for the last people to go.

“They force the door with a shovel after trying to get in through the changing rooms, but the buildings are not joined.

“They broke in through the back door and spent about 25 minutes checking every nook and cranny. The safe was in a discreet place and usually we don’t have much money in it.

“The cheeky thing is they even stopped and had a drink and cigarette.

“This has had a financial impact on us and the insurance will go through the roof.

“It means a few of us at the club will have to work harder.”

Anyone with any information about the theft should contact police on 101.