Curry house fined for selling a lamb korma as beef

Lamb curry
Lamb curry

A Normanton curry house has been landed with a £1,330 bill after selling a “lamb korma” which was just beef.

City magistrates fined the proprietor of Royal Balti £300 and ordered him to pay £1,000 costs and a £30 victim surcharge after he admitted selling food not of the nature demanded by the purchaser.

The food business on Wakefield Road was the subject of a test purchase from West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service last July.

Prosecutor Paul Jaques said officers routinely take samples from such businesses to ensure customers are getting what they paid for.

The court heard how an officer placed a phone order for a lamb korma and at no time did the member of staff say they only supplied beef.

The dish was then submitted to the public analyst who reported the meat was solely beef.

Owner Abid Khalil told interviewing officers that the menu described the dishes as meat and there was a disclaimer stating “All meat used is beef”. The court heard this disclaimer does appear on the menu but is in a very small font.

When asked to explain why staff had failed to say there was no lamb, Khalil said the person taking the order was a new employee who hadn’t received any training.

But it emerged the officer had spoken to two employees and both had failed to advise him lamb wasn’t available. The receipt also showed ‘lamb korma”.

Khalil, of Rushton Road, Bradford, told the court in a letter he accepted his guilt but felt his “treatment has been heavy handed”. He said he has traded for 20 years with no complaints and this was a one-off mistake.