Dad admits child neglect on the 110 bus

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A boy of five was found drinking beer out of a can on a bus while his parents were out cold, a court heard.

The youngster took a sip from his father’s lager while on board the 110 Kettlethorpe to Leeds Service on August 20.

A concerned passenger contacted police who found the boy and his eight-year-old sister with both parents who were unconscious.

Paramedics were alerted and the parents were revived with oxygen and injections of anti-opiate drugs.

The father, who had previously denied the offences, admitted two charges of child neglect on Friday. He will be sentenced next month along with the mum who has already admitted the same charges.

Prosecutor Rory Byrne said initially the mother fell asleep against the bus window and the father tried to wake her but then he too fell asleep.

Mr Byrne said: “He left his open can of beer so the boy was able to get it and have a sip out of it before the police arrived.”

Caroline Deacon, defending, said the father had been out in Leeds with friends before the incident.

Mrs Deacon added: “It was not the intention he was going to have care of the two children that afternoon. He received a phone call from his wife and they arranged to meet up. Unbeknown to him, as became apparent, she wasn’t in any fit state to look after the children and he wasn’t in any fit state either.”