Dogs seized by police during raids

The seized dogs
The seized dogs

Police seized three dogs during a raid on a travellers’ camp.

Officers and dog wardens removed the terriers from a site on Goosehill, Kirkthorpe, after receiving complaints about the dogs escaping into the road and biting pedestrians and cyclists.

A warrant was executed out officers from the Normanton neighbourhood police team (NPT) and Wakefield Council.

A spokesman for the NPT said: “The owners had been given numerous warnings regarding the dogs’ aggressive behaviour and to keep them under control.

“The NPT removed three dogs from the site and they have been placed in kennels pending further police action.

“Please can all dog owners be reminded to keep your dogs under control at all times in a public place.

“We would like to thank those people who came forward, provided statements and information regarding these dogs which have caused problems for some time.”