Drunken butcher’s knife frenzy in the Wakey Tavern


A butcher had to be overpowered by customers when he went on a drunken knife rampage in a city centre pub.

David Lee threatened staff and customers at the Wakey Tavern, on Kirkgate, the day he was made redundant after 21 years working as a slaughterman.

Leeds Crown Court heard Lee, 52, took out one of his work knives from a rucksack and ran at a man who ejected him from the pub for behaving “inappropriately” towards a barmaid and female customers.

Lee was thrown out but later came back inside brandishing the knife and charged towards the man who had ejected him, at around 8.45pm on February 13.

Prosecutor Dale Brook told how a barmaid was left “terrified” and feared she was going to be stabbed but Brook was restrained.

He added: “Police recovered his backpack and a further six knives were found. But for the intervention of others it is quite possible someone could have been seriously hurt.”

Lee, of Parkhill Grove, Eastmoor, admitted possession of a bladed article and threatening a person with a knife.

John Nixon, mitigating, said: “These knives were in his possession not because he wanted to confront anyone, not because he was a member of a gang, but simply because he was on his way home from work from a job that he had done for 21 years.

“They were the tools of his trade. It was his last day and he was bringing them home.”

Lee was sentenced to a community order with an alcohol treatment and 150 hours unpaid work requirements.