Eastmoor man jailed for beating pregnant woman

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A man who assaulted his heavily pregnant ex partner has been jailed for 16 weeks.

Ryan Lee John Blackmoor, 22, assaulted Emma Hinks again nearly four months later when she was home with her baby. He was on bail at the time, city magistrates heard.

Blackmoor, of Park Hill Grove, Eastmoor, first assaulted Miss Hinks on September 22 last year.

Prosecutor Karen Medley told how the two were ex partners and Miss Hinks was expecting another man’s child.

Blackmoor went to her home address and wanted to be let in. She refused and he started to kick the front door.

Later she walked up the street to phone Blackmoor’s mother to tell her how he was behaving. But when she returned Blackmoor punched the mum-to-be on the forehead, causing a lump.

The court heard she fell back onto the ground.

Witnesses, who came to her aid, noticed she was very upset and heavily pregnant. An ambulance was called.

Mrs Medley, prosecuting, said Blackmoor assaulted Miss Hinks again on January 6 after an argument at her home. This time she was punched in the mouth.

Blackmoor pleaded guilty to two common assaults.

Alex Boyd, mitigating, said Blackmoor suffered from ADHD and he was the first to accept that he resorted to violence when confronted by a difficult situation.

A bench of three magistrates said custody could be justified because there were repeated assaults on a vulnerable victim, he was on bail for the first offence and had a previous record for assaults.

They issued an indefinite restraining order and told Blackmoor to pay an £80 victim surcharge.