Ex Lupset man detained indefinitely over frenzied murder bid in Castleford

Martin Jowitt
Martin Jowitt

A man has been detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act for a frenzied knife attack on his friend.

Martin Jowitt, who suffers from a schizo-affective disorder, inflicted 21 wounds on victim David Edwards.

Leeds Crown Court heard today (Friday) how Jowitt, 50, was on bail for an earlier assault when Mr Edwards let him stay at his flat in Fulmar Road, Half Acres.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp said Mr Edwards and the defendant chatted normally at first but Jowitt’s mood suddenly changed on the morning of March 23.

He made death threats to Mr Edwards and tried to knock him out with an ashtray.

Jowitt then said: “I’m going to get this knife and kill you. I can’t stand you. Beg. It’s going to be murder.”

The court heard how Jowitt went into the kitchen and selected a knife from the rack before launching a sustained attack.

Mr Edwards suffered stab wounds to his liver, chest and face.

But he managed to escape the flat and fled to neighbours.

Jowitt, formerly of Esther Grove, Lupset, admitted attempted murder.

Robin Frieze, mitigating, said his client was very seriously ill at the time of the offence and his responsibility was diminished.

The court heard how Jowitt had been assessed by psychiatrists and there was a bed available for him to be treated at Newton Lodge medium secure unit.

Judge Guy Kearl QC, passing sentence, said: “It was a frenzied attack. It resulted in 21 separate wounds. Several of these wounds were deep, a number were life-threatening.”

He added: “You have been assessed by two psychiatrists, both of whom have found you suffer from a schizo-affective behaviour than can manifest itself in delusional beliefs.”

Jowitt was made the subject of an indefinite hospital order.