‘For the final time, it’s in Featherstone, not Normanton!’ Oh no it isn’t - row over new police base

Coun 'Graham Isherwood
Coun 'Graham Isherwood

A dispute over the location of a multi-million pound policing hub reared its head at a meeting of full council.

Coun Graham Isherwood told the chamber the West Yorkshire Police divisional headquarters was in Featherstone and not Normanton.

Deputy leader Denise Jeffery agreed the facility, which now houses the town’s neighbourhood policing team and CID, was in Coun Isherwood’s Featherstone ward.

He said: “For the final time, it isn’t in Normanton, it’s in Featherstone. So all the people who want to claim its in their ward want to be careful, or we’ll start saying The Hepworth (gallery) is in Featherstone.”

Coun Isherwood told the Express the police hub, which has a Normanton postcode, is within Featherstone’s parish boundaries.

Ch Sup Andy Battle of West Yorkshire Police, said: “The new headquarters sits just within the Featherstone ward boundary, right on the border of Normanton and Featherstone, but it has a Normanton postal address which is why it is often referred to in this way.

“However, I would stress that this facility has been built to serve the public of Wakefield district as a whole, regardless of its postcode.”