Gang terror for supermarket shoppers

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Gangs of yobs have been terrorising customers and staff outside Tesco in Hemsworth.

Each night the youths gather outside the town centre store and have been shouting abuse at passers-by, swearing, littering and throwing mud and eggs at windows and cars.

Their actions, during the past two weeks, have led to police receiving numerous reports of anti-social behaviour. And Inspector Paul Sullivan, of the South East neighbourhood Policing Team, said officers had stepped in to intervene.

He said: “We have had reports of kids gathering outside the front of Tesco being a nuisance, plaguing the shop staff and throwing eggs at cars.

“I think generally the youngsters involved do not really have any thought or conscience about how their actions affect other people and how their loutish behaviour is intimidating for passers-by especially the elderly.

“It is just not acceptable.”

Insp Sullivan said his team of officers and PCSOs had been speaking to the group of youths involved as well as making their parents aware of their behaviour.

They have also increased patrols around Hemsworth town centre.

PCSO Vanessa Young, who is based across Hemsworth and South Hiendley, said: “I have been working with Tesco, Hemsworth Academy, Wakefield District Housing and Wakefield Council to combat the reports of anti-social behaviour in Hemsworth.

“This relates to large groups congregating, being loud, swearing, littering, shouting at public passing by, and throwing mud and eggs at windows and vehicles.

“Parents have been visited and still more are to be contacted regarding their sons’ and daughters’ behaviour

“All parents I have visited have been truly supportive. It’s refreshing to see they are supporting all partnerships involved.”

Insp Sullivan said police were working with local stores and were monitoring CCTV in the area.

He added: “We will always try to work with people to get them to learn from their actions and prevent anti-social behaviour continuing.

“But ultimately, there comes a point where we will take a zero tolerance stance and we will start fining people.”

To report instances of anti-social behaviour, call police on 101.