Imitation firearm seized from Flanshaw home

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An imitation firearm was seized from a house in Flanshaw this morning (Monday).

Officers from the Central neighbourhood police team were called after receiving reports of a weapon being spotted by concerned members of the community.

Insp Ian Williams, said: “Highly authentic replica firearms such as the one taken in this instance have the clear potential to be mistaken for the real thing and can cause genuine fear in communities.

“In this case we received intelligence from residents and attended the address to speak with the owner of the weapon which was kept in the home. “Once we spoke with the householder the gun was surrendered to us for destruction.

“Generally speaking, in the majority of cases owners of realistic BB guns such as this one are happy to surrender them to the police once the potential for them to be mistaken for real weapons is pointed out .

“I would remind residents that highly realistic BB guns such as this one are classified as imitation firearms and it is a criminal offence to carry one in the street. Those who carry them run the real risk of being stopped by armed firearms officers and searched, as well as facing potential criminal action.”