Joiners to the rescue after camping teens vandals smash up primary school sheds

Aardvark Joinery staff
Aardvark Joinery staff

Teenage vandals who were camping at a school smashed up three sheds.

Eight teenagers were camped at St Michael’s School in Flanshaw Lane, Flanshaw, on Sunday, March 29.

But during their stay the sheds were damaged and several items were thrown across the school fields.

Staff caught six boys and two girls, aged between 14 and 16, camping at the school the following morning and told them to move. After they found the trashed sheds they called police.

A Central neighbourhood police team spokesman said: “This is a horrible crime that effects the school and the children of the community who attend the school.”

After hearing of the damage Steve Oldroyd, who runs Aardvark Joinery on Ashmount Industrial Estate in Pontefract, has offered to replace the sheds for free.

He said: “The pupils are away on holiday and it is not really fair for them to come back to see the damage.

“A friend tagged me to the post on Facebook and when I saw what had happened I wanted to help.

“It would not really be worth repairing the sheds. I’m more than happy to give them some sheds already made in our workshop.”

Last year Mr Oldroyd donated a shed to Donna Johnston and her family after their shed was torched at their allotment in South Hiendley.

Mr Oldroyd: “We are always willing to help anyone if they are local. We are waiting for the school to get in touch and then we can help.”

Anyone with information should call Wakefield CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.