Macy reunited with stolen foal

Macy Wheeler pictured with Daisy's mum Annie and Macy's brother George.
Macy Wheeler pictured with Daisy's mum Annie and Macy's brother George.

Little Macy Wheeler has been reunited with her four-week-old miniature Shetland pony which was stolen from a field in Methley.

Five-year-old Macy was left devastated when the foal, called Daisy, was swiped from the field in Lower Mickletown.

Macy and her family were worried the foal, which was still feeding from its mother, wouldn’t be able to get the milk it needed and could die.

The case touched the hearts of hundreds on social media, who appealed for information and shared photographs of Daisy and her distinctive black and white markings.

A woman, believed to be from Leeds, who saw the images on Facebook, noticed the foal tied up in Cottingley Springs, more than 10 miles from home, and rescued her.

After being missing for more than three days, Daisy was returned to her owners on Sunday morning. Naomi Mitchell, Macy’s aunt, said: “We were absolutely heartbroken by Daisy’s disappearance and were worried that she was going to die if she wasn’t getting any milk. Macy was devastated.

“It was the first time Daisy had been away from her mother since she was born. Her mother was in huge amounts of distress and still producing milk, so I can only imagine how distressed the poor foal was.

“It was a huge relief to receive information about her whereabouts and we are so pleased she is now home safe.

“Thankfully, her mother is still producing milk so Daisy is now feeding again too.”

A statement on West Yorkshire Police Leeds Outer East Facebook’s page said: “The foal is in reasonable condition and with a bit of TLC it will be back to its normal self.”