Man attacked neighbour’s Mercedes CLK with ‘sledgehammer’ - court hears

A man took a “sledgehammer” to his neighbour’s Mercedes and work’s van after a row about noise, a court heard.

Michael William Coletta, 54, smashed the windscreens of the CLK and Vauxhall Combo van on September 8 last year.

City magistrates heard how victim Paul Carter had earlier gone round to Coletta’s house on Altofts Lodge Drive at 11pm to ask him to turn down the noise as he was going to bed.

But a scuffle broke out and mechanic Mr Carter returned to his house.

Prosecutor Lorraine Harris said Coletta rang the police but was told they would send someone in the morning. The barrister said a comment was made that “I will sort it myself”.

Miss Harris added: “The complainant and his girlfriend went to bed. They were later woken by loud banging. The defendant had actually taken a sledgehammer and damaged two motor vehicles on the driveway.”

The court heard the Mercedes windscreen, bonnet and other body work were damaged.

The van had two holes in the windscreen and the side window was put through. Coletta admitted criminal damage but disputed the extent of the damage and quotes for repairs, claiming they had been exaggerated.

He claimed he lost his temper after he was earlier allegedly assaulted by Mr Carter.

Coletta said he used a 7lb lump hammer rather than a sledgehammer.

Magistrates, after hearing a trial of the issues, ruled Coletta was responsible for all of the damage except the bonnet.

The bench ordered Coletta to pay £2,144 in compensation and be under curfew for the next four Saturdays between 7pm and 7am.