Man causing antisocial problems in West Yorkshire taken to deportation centre by police

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A man has been taken to a deportation centre in West Yorkshire after police detained him following antisocial behaviour.

West Yorkshire Police in Wakefield announced the force had been called to Wakefield city centre late in the evening on Thursday, April 5.

PC Siviter and PCSO Doggettt assisted immigration officers in detaining a man 'responsible for antisocial behaviour' in the town.

A statement issued by the force said: "PC Siviter, and PCSO Doggett have today assisted immigration officers at an address as part of ongoing partnership work. A male responsible for anti social behaviour in the City has been detained for immigration offences and taken to an immigration centre for deportation.

A spokesman then added: "The fact is the person concerned had been advised on numerious occasions how to avoid coming to the attention of the authorities but choose not to listen to the advice given.

"Around five months ago he was dishonest with the immigration service stating he was working in the UK.

"He was advised he needed to continue working with the agencies he had named.

"When checks were conducted with the people he named it showed he had only worked two days for them. Despite this he was given four months to rectify the situation before he was detained.

"The immigration act is clear to remain in the UK you need to be studying, in employment, or seeking employment.

"Simply seeking employment would have been sufficient to meet immigration legislation eg signing on at a job centre."

West Yorkshire Police has been contacted for further information.