Man had knuckle dusters ‘for cups’


A man claimed he imported knuckle dusters from America so he could mould them into cup handles, a court heard.

Volander Craig Butterfield, 56, told officers he got the bizarre idea from Tesco’s.

Wakefield Magistrates’ Court heard how Butterfield, of Baker Lane, Stanley, ordered eight knuckle dusters from Las Vegas but these were intercepted by border officials.

Prosecutor Ayesha Smart told the court Butterfield was arrested last September and his house was searched. Officers found a variety of different weapons, including eight knuckle dusters, hunting knives, a crossbow, fire crackers and ammunition.

But the court heard these were not the subject of any charge before the court.

Butterfield pleaded guilty to two charges relating to breaching restrictions or prohibitions on the importation of knuckle dusters.

He told interviewing officers he intended to mould them into cups.

Butterfield told the court: “I was going to make them into cups and use them as handles. I made a mistake and I’m very sorry.”

Defence solicitor Chris Morton told magistrates: “I will leave the credibility of that for you.”

He said the other items were in his possession lawfully and he bought them from Wakefield market. But put together they looked like a “suspicious package”.

The court heard Butterfield told officers he planned to take some of the other items to the USA to sell them and to double his money.

Butterfield was sentenced to a community order with a 180-hour unpaid work requirement. He was also ordered to pay £60 and £85 costs.