Paramedic assaulted by drunken woman in an ambulance

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A drunken woman punched a female paramedic who was treating her in an ambulance, a court heard.

Caroline Hunter, 47, struck out shortly after emergency services found her lying unconscious in a communal hallway at Cliff Villa Court, Wakefield, on June 27.

Prosecutor Diane Gomersall told how the paramedic team shook Hunter to rouse her. She was responsive and went with them to the ambulance.

But she later became aggressive and started throwing punches. The female paramedic put her arms up to fend off the blows and Hunter was asked to leave the ambulance. She started to but then hit the paramedic on the arm.

Hunter, of Moor Road, Featherstone, admitted assault. Chris Morton, mitigating, said his client had significant problems at home.

The court heard she had been threatened and left to get out of the way. She had been drinking but it didn’t mix well with her medication. She went into the block of flats to take shelter but the next thing she remembered was waking up in a police cell.

District Judge Adrian Lower, adjourning sentencing, said: “You assaulted a paramedic in the course of her employment while you were heavily in drink.”