Police release shocking anti drink driving campaign

The Metcalfe family.
The Metcalfe family.

A shocking video showing the tragic consequences of drink driving has been released by police.

The YouTube clip is part of a West Yorkshire Police campaign to stop people getting behind the wheel after drinking this summer.

It features Lindsay Metcalfe whose parents Dorothy, 65, and David, 68, were killed in Leeds in January 2012 by a drunk driver.

Chief Inspector Mark Bownass, of the Major Collision Enquiries Team, said: “I want people to watch this and be shocked and upset by what they see and hear. Lindsay has very kindly agreed to share her tragic experiences in the hope that it stops people from drinking and driving.

“When you watch this put yourself in Lindsay’s position and think about how you would feel if it was you and your loved ones involved.

“If we stop just one person from getting in their vehicle and driving over the limit then we will have succeeded.”

From January to April this year 691 have been stopped for drink driving in West Yorkshire and two people have died as a result of drink driving collisions.

Last year 2,318 people were stopped for drink driving and seven people died as a result of drink driving collisions.

Chief Insp Bownass said: “You might not even know you’re over the limit. It takes time for alcohol to leave your system so it’s quite possible that if you’ve been drinking into the early hours and are driving later that morning, such as going to work or shopping or visiting a friend, you could well still be over the limit. If you are at all in doubt then don’t drive - it’s not worth the risk and you will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.”

To view the video Visit the YouTube site