Police release ‘shocking’ video ahead of Wakefield driving campaign

Police have released a shocking video as part of a summer campaign to tackle dangerous drivers.

Officers, firefighters and staff from Wakefield Council and the Highways Agency will be taking part in a Stay Safe Event on the city’s Cathedral Precinct on Friday.

Insp Dave Peach

Insp Dave Peach

Motorists will be shown how to drive more safely and displays will included a wrecked car that was involved in a crash and a seat belt sledge which demonstrates what happens when people don’t wear their seat belts.

And the force’s roads policing unit has created a ‘shocking’ video to target drink drivers.

Insp Dave Peach said drivers can also help by avoiding calling police unnecessarily.

He said: “If you have a damage only road traffic collision, one where no-one is injured, then you do not need to call the police.

“All you need to do is swap your name and address, details of the registered owner of the vehicle you were driving and the registration number with the person in the other vehicle involved. People often assume because there has been a collision they must call the police but that is not the case.

“Obviously if you have a serious collision in which someone is injured then you do need to call the police. By not being called to damage only collisions we will save valuable time and we can make sure we’re available to attend those calls that we are needed at.”

The Stay Safe Event will take place on Friday, from 10am until 2pm