Police remove horses from Heath Common

Normanton NPT on Heath Common
Normanton NPT on Heath Common

Horses wandering near to the road at Heath Common have been removed by police.

Officers from the Normanton and Featherstone neighbourhood police team (NPT) removed two adult horses on Monday after fears over their safety.

They were taken to a horse sanctuary where they are being cared for.

The operation was supported by officers from the RSPCA and Wakefield Council.

PCSO Katie Hester said: “The horses were not tethered properly and concerns had been raised for both their safety and the safety of people travelling along the road. Because they were not tethered they could have wandered on to the road and caused an accident or injured themselves.”

The owner of the horses was present when they were removed from the common.

Sgt Pete Roberts said: “I would like to remind anyone who might have horses in the area that fairly significant fines and even confiscation of the horses can be the ultimate sanction if owners repeatedly flout the legislation relating to the council permit procedure operated in the Normanton and Featherstone NPT area.

“Further to this, if individuals allow horses to wonder onto the highway they will face criminal prosecution.”

To contact the NPT call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.