Police tell parents to stop being 'lazy' and walk when it comes to parking outside schools

Police have warned parents not to be 'lazy' as they threaten to hand out fines for dangerous parking outside schools.

Monday, 2nd March 2020, 12:26 pm
Parents parking on zigzag lines could be hit with fines.

Officers have been upping patrols around junior and infant schools in the Knottingley and Ferrybridge areas, and have so far handed out two warnings about parking.

The neighbourhood policing team spokesman said: "Despite popular belief it is not our intentions to ruin parents mornings by doing this, we appreciate you all have busy life’s to lead and that mornings can be stressful, however keeping your children safe is our main focus.

"Don’t be lazy, instead why not park a bit further away from the school and enjoy a few moments walk in and talking with your sons and daughters. It will set them and you up nicely for the day ahead.

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"If the problems do continue then we will start issuing fixed penalty notices. Do not say that you haven’t been warned."

Police say they often receive complaints about parking issues around schools at dropping off and picking up times.

These include car being parked on pavements, blocking driveways, close to junctions and on occasion, across yellow zigzag lines which is strictly prohibited.