Police welcome beggar's ban from city centre

Angela Fenton has been told to stay out of the city centre.
Angela Fenton has been told to stay out of the city centre.

Police have welcomed the banning of a prolific beggar from Wakefield city centre.

Angela Fenton, who was often sat outside The Ridings with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has been ordered to stay out for two years after a Criminal Behaviour Order was imposed.

Fenton begging with the dog.

Fenton begging with the dog.

It came after she admitted numerous begging charges.

Inspector Helen Brear of the Wakefield North West NPT, said this week: “We have worked very closely with our partners in Wakefield Council to secure the Criminal Behaviour Order against Angela Fenton who has become well known in Wakefield for persistent and aggressive begging.

“Officers worked with partners over a number of months to secure the evidence we needed to have this order granted.

“Criminal Behaviour Order powers have been highly effective in helping us combat anti-social behaviour in Wakefield as they make it explicitly clear that a person seen engaging in illegal activity who is subject to a CBO will have committed a criminal offence.

“They will be charged and brought before a court with the very real possibility that they will be jailed.

“The order served on Angela Fenton clearly bans her from asking for money or from entering a marked zone within the city unless for an appointment.

“These restrictions will help protect residents and we won’t hesitate to enforce them if they are breached.”