Professional £10k cannabis factory in Flanshaw shut down

Cannabis found in Flanshaw Lane.
Cannabis found in Flanshaw Lane.

A ‘professional’ cannabis factory in Flanshaw has been shut down.

Around 200 plants were found growing which could have been sold for an estimated street value of £10,000.

The house on Flanshaw Lane had been kitted out with expensive hydroponic equipment used for growing the class B plant.

Officers from the Central neighbourhood police team (NPT) carried out the raid on Wednesday night at around 9.30pm after a tip-off from the community.

It is the latest in a number of raids on suspected cannabis growing operations in the city.

Sgt Paul Cumming, of the Central NPT, said: “Inside we found around 200 small cannabis plants and hydroponic growing equipment. This was a very professional set-up.

“If these plants had been allowed to be harvested and sold they could have been worth a potential street value of up to £10,000.”

Earlier this month another cannabis factory was shut down in Crofton, on February 8.

Sgt Cumming said: “The Central NPT is committed to stopping drugs being grown in our communities.

“We will always act on any intelligence we are given and I would urge people to get in touch with their NPT if they have any concerns.”

The drugs found in Flanshaw have now been destroyed.

Sgt Cumming warned people to be aware of the signs of drugs being grown.

He said a distinctive smell can usually be detected from outside the buildings.

And that people can often be seen entering the house at unusual times of night.

Other signs include windows being boarded up or curtains being drawn constantly.

Drug farmers will often bring in large bags of compost or other gardening equipment that would not normally be stored in a house.

Anyone with any information should contact the Central NPT on 101 or, alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.