Professional thieves targeted 90-year-old victim while he was shopping at Asda

Court hearing.
Court hearing.

A 90-year-old man was conned out of hundreds of pounds after robbers stole his cash card.

Petronche Tulceaniu and Maria Boroic watched the victim use his cash card while paying for groceries in February at the Asda superstore in Durkar before waiting for him in the car park.

As he left the store they approached him with a map and asked for directions.

While the pensioner was distracted Boroic took his wallet from a bag he was carrying.

The victim noticed his wallet had been stolen and while accusing Boric of theft, she put the wallet minus his cash card back in his bag.

The thieves used the card and pin to withdraw several hundred pounds from the victim’s account.

They were later arrested for similar offences in Middlesbrough, which were linked to the offences in Wakefield.

Tulceaniu, 42, and Boroic, 40, were sentenced to 20 months and 16 months respectively for robbery and theft at Teesside Crown Court last month.

Wakefield District CID is now urging people to protect their pins at supermarket check outs or cash points.

Temporary Det Chief Insp Michelle Martin of Wakefield CID, said: “We welcome the convictions of Tulceaniu and Boroic who were determined professional thieves who blatantly targeted an elderly and vulnerable victim.

“He showed considerable courage in confronting the pair when he first became suspicious and I am pleased for him he has the satisfaction of seeing them both convicted and jailed.

She added: “What this case serves to reinforce is the need for all of us to be aware of who might be around when using our cash cards and to take precautions.

“Something as simple as putting a hand above the keypad to cover up your other hand as you type in your number could make all the difference and prevent thieves from seeing you enter your pin code.

“Anyone who notices suspicious activity on their account or who thinks they may have lost their card is always urged to contact their bank as soon as possible. Banks will liaise with the police if they think their is suspicious activity.”