Rogue landlords renting ‘overcrowded’ houses in Wakefield

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Tenants were found living in overcrowded housing during an operation to tackle rogue landlords.

Police, Wakefield Council and the UK Border Agency raided six homes in College Grove on Wednesday.

They found two of the properties were overcrowded.

Officers from the Central neighbourhood police team also had to tackle tenants committing anti-social behaviour and three other tenants were reported for housing benefit offences.

Coun Denise Jeffery, Wakefield Council’s cabinet member for regeneration and economic growth, said: “We have been working with West Yorkshire Police and the UK Border Agency in a multi-agency operation at College Grove and other areas in Wakefield city centre, to encourage responsible landlords, support them in providing better services for their tenants and to root out rogue landlords.

“The operation on Wednesday is the latest in a series of days of action in the same area.

“We visited several properties on the day, with the aim of improving property standards and increasing staff presence in the area.

“Partners involved, including our Housing Benefits investigations team, have been meeting regularly and will continue to do so to tackle some of these issues in the area.

“This will help us with our overall aim of making College Grove a better and safer place to live.”