'Scumbag' burglars stole car and blue badges mum needs for disabled son, six

Melissa and Kian Ditchfield.
Melissa and Kian Ditchfield.

A devastated  mum wept after "scumbag" burglars stole the Motability car she needs to take her severely disabled six-year-old son to school.

Thieves broke into the house in Kippax on Sunday night (Nov 10) as the Ditchfield family slept and stole the keys to a silver Vauxhall Zafira from the kitchen along with a new blue badge for disabled parking.

Six-year-old Kian Ditchfield's mobility buggy was in the boot of the car which was stolen.

Kippax North Junior and Infant School pupil Kian was born with Alagille syndrome, which caused irreparable heart disease and he cannot walk far without becoming breathless.

He has undergone three open heart surgery operations and faces annual cardiac procedures.

Melissa Ditchfield, 35, was at home with husband Mark, 34, daughter Erin aged four and Kian when the raiders struck.

As well as the car keys, the burglars took Mrs Ditchfield's purse from the kitchen and a new blue parking badge which runs from December.

A current blue badge was in the Zafira when it was stolen.

Mrs Ditchfield said the family discovered the burglary on Monday morning (Nov 11), adding: "I started crying. I was in shock and felt sick.

"It's bad that they would do it to anyone, but to do it to a clearly disabled child who relies on that transport and that equipment is just disgusting."

Mrs Ditchfield, who works as a part-time carer at Springfield Care Home in Garforth, said: " They are just horrible scumbags who don't care about anybody else.

"They don't care how much it inconveniences us or the fact that I can't get my little boy to school or that he is now scared because someone has been in his house."

Mrs Ditchfield said burglars got in the house by tampering with the lock on the side door.

Mrs Ditchfield said police later found the stolen mobility buggy after it was dumped in Seacroft.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police the registration number of the stolen silver Vauxhall Vauxhall Zafira's registration is YB67 DLV.

Anyone with information is asked to call West Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting crime reference number 13190578846.