Thieves steal scooters from Pontefract mobility shop just weeks after opening

Thieves broke into the Parkgate Mobility scooter shop and stole several large scooters.

The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning where police were called to the scene shortly afterwards.

The shop has been open just over a month.

Store Manager, Helen Sorrell, said: “It's upsetting as we have only been here 5 weeks and we’ve already been targeted and took what they wanted.

The shop has been open only 5 weeks

“We are here to provide a service for people who need us, people who have mobility problems that need help getting around and the incident has hindered that.

“We’ve had such good customer feedback who have said there isn't a mobility shop in Pontefract and saying how glad they are we are here so I think the customers are disappointed for us.

“We’ve had many kind customers ring up the shop to tell us how sorry they are.

“We are open as normal, it’s sad though because I had a gentleman come in today wanting to buy a large scooter but we’ve only got two in, when we usually have a choice of several.

“I hope the culprits get found because it’s just not nice to do this to the people who need the product.

“For vulnerable people scooters are their means of getting around and meeting people or going to the library and church and keeping life normal for them.

Using a scooter also keeps them active and mobile so it's sad they should be denied that.”

West Yorkshire Police say the suspects approached premises and gained entry before making off with several mobility scooters.

Police are urging witnesses to come forward with information, by calling 101 using the crime reference number 13200022840.