Toddler swigged beer on 110 bus while his dad was unconscious


A dad who was unconscious on a bus as his five-year-old son drank beer out of a can has been jailed for 12 months.

A court heard the youngster took a sip of his father’s alcohol on board the 110 bus on Barnsley Road on August 20.

A concerned passenger contacted police who found the boy and his eight-year-old sister with the dad and his partner both out cold.

Paramedics were alerted and the parents, who are aged in their early thirties but cannot be named for legal reasons, were revived with oxygen and injections.

The dad admitted two offences of causing unnecessary suffering to a child. He also admitted a string of other offences including two offences of burglary, interfering with a vehicle and three breaches of an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo).

Last month magistrates deferred sentencing him over the bus incident for a four-month period.

But days later he carried out a burglary at St Swithun’s community centre, Eastmoor but fled empty-handed after being challenged by a cleaner.

Matthew Harding, mitigating, said: “He goes to court, is allowed back out on bail and commits relatively minor offences again and again.

“He knows that the court, to put it bluntly, will have to lock him up.”

Recorder Nigel Sangster QC said: “You have been described in the local press as a nuisance. You are not just a nuisance, you commit criminal offences. The courts have given you a number of chances. I’m afraid the time has come where you have had to be locked up. If you carry on this way, prison sentences are going to get longer and longer.”