Tots suffer as yobs strike again at Alverthorpe’s Phoenix Centre

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Burglars trashed a playgroup during the second break-in within a month.

The yobs targeted the Phoenix Centre, on Batley Road, Alverthorpe last Thursday night.

Kelly Brear, who manages the centre said she could not believe her eyes when she went to open up on Friday morning.

Mrs Brear said the front door was broken and the inside of the building had been completely trashed.

She said: “It was really frightening, everything was completely trashed.

“There was nothing of value so they just totally vandalised the inside, chairs, papers, toys, everything had been thrown around and broken.”

She said it was the second time in a month that the centre, which is a non-profit charity, has been broken into.

She said: “When it happened in October they took some money that parents had given us and did the same thing.

“We only just finished totting up the cost of the damage when this happened.”

West Yorkshire Police are currently investigating the incident.