Travellers leave Clarence Park

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Latest news...

A group of travellers have been moved on from Clarence Park.

They set up a camp, of about 15 caravans, on Saturday after having been on the old council planning offices in Newton Bar.

Officers from the Central neighbourhood police team served a Section 61 Enforcement Notice under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act on the travellers,

It meant they had to leave with in a designated time.

But by this morning they had left the park, just off Denby Dale Road.

Inspector Ian Williams said:“The land where this group chose to stop is used by the community for recreation purposes on a daily basis. Later this week there will be an event there and it is for this reason that we decided to take action and request them to move on.

“Driving vehicles on this land for even a short period of time causes damage which can take weeks and even months to repair.

“The cost to the council of cleaning up is significant. I will have no hesitation in taking similar in the future.”

Police said the order covers Clarence Park and Thornes Park and that anyone retuning to either site within three months commits and offence for which they can be arrested and their vehicles removed.