Trolley dash thief wheeled away goods from Sainsbury’s


A shoplifter wheeled away £90 worth of groceries in a trolley, a court heard.

Sean Anthony Joseph Lingard, 32, filled up his trolley at Sainsbury’s on Ings Road on March 28 and then pushed it out of the store making no attempt to pay.

Prosecutor Amanda Harris told how Lingard, who was with two others, then got into a car.

She added said: “The vehicle then drove out of the car park. The security officer tried to intercept the vehicle but the vehicle drove around him.”

Lingard, of Basford, court admitted theft when he appeared at Wakefield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Anthony Gale, mitigating, said his client had a fairly lengthy record and it was a “classic case” of stealing to fund a drug habit.

The court heard how Lingard was using drugs back then but had since undergone major surgery and he had got off drugs.

The solicitor said: “Hopefully because of the surgery it has kept him clean for almost six months.”

Deputy District Judge Tim Spruce, passing sentence, said there were several negatives in his case, like his record, but there were also some positives.

He said: “The fact you have not attempted offending since March and I hear you are no longer reliant on illegal drugs.”

The judge said he was taking a lenient view as he could see some positives in Lingard’s future.

But he warned Lingard he would face a tougher sentence if he didn’t seize the opportunity. Lingard was sentenced to an 18-month conditional discharge.

He must also pay £85 costs and £15 victim surcharge.