Turkey thief jailed after taking bird from Iceland


A shoplifter who stole a turkey before Christmas and breached his bail on Boxing Day has been jailed .

Adam Sykes, 36, stole a £19 bird from Iceland, Wakefield on December 6.

City magistrates heard how Sykes had been asked by a “third party” to steal the turkey and sell it to them for £10.

Sykes, of Old Crown Road, Lupset was also in court for criminal damage for kicking a window at a day treatment centre in Horbury on November 7.

And he also breached his conditional bail by flouting his curfew on Boxing Day and by failing to attend an appointment with the drugs team on December 22.

Sykes admitted theft, criminal damage and breaching his bail.

The court heard Sykes was subject to an 8pm to 7am tagged curfew but the electricity had ran out.

He claimed he left the house to borrow an electricity token from a friend so the equipment would work.

Martyn Lord, mitigating, said: “It’s ironic, he breached the curfew to make it work.”

Deputy District Judge David Purcell, jailed Sykes for 70 days.

He also ordered him to pay £216.04 compensation for the criminal damage.