Video - Don’t let thieves ruin your Christmas

1st December 2011'Wakefield Westgate train station.'Picture: Matthew Page
1st December 2011'Wakefield Westgate train station.'Picture: Matthew Page

Undercover police will be operating at Wakefield’s railway stations to stop thieves.

British Transport Police (BTP) officers will also mingle with commuters during busy travel times, during the run up to Christmas, to reassure passengers, reduce the number of assaults, anti-social behaviour as well as thefts.

BTP Superintendent Eddie Wylie said: “Traditionally we see a rise in the number of people using trains and stations at this time of year. Unfortunately with this we also see an increase in thieves targeting passengers on the railway.

“They often look to take advantage of people who may have consumed too much alcohol, or who may be travelling with a lot of luggage to visit family and friends, or unsuspecting shoppers carrying bags containing expensive presents home.

“We want to create a hostile environment for thieves, making it as difficult as we can for them to operate on any part of the railway network this Christmas. We are undertaking extra high visibility and under cover patrols and will be using the excellent CCTV system on the rail network to catch people in the act and put them before the courts.

“This campaign is also about education. We want people to be aware of the tactics that thieves use and how best they can safeguard themselves and look after their property on crowded trains and at stations.”

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