Wakefield MP Ed Balls helps launch Guide Dogs poster competition

Politicians are often accused of not being able to see things from other people’s point of view.

But Outwood and Morley MP Ed Balls attempted to change that when he wore an eye mask to experience how it felt to be blind.

Shadow chancellor Mr Balls was invited to Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane as they took part in the Guide Dogs Street Ahead campaign.

The charity is raising awareness of how life could be made much easier for blind and partially sighted people by simple things such as not parking on kerbs , putting bins away and distracting guide dogs.

Mr Balls MP said: “We know what an important job guide dogs do, but it is really tough to experience what it is like to walk blindfold through Outwood, doing everyday activities like crossing the road or getting on a bus.

“Things are very different when you suddenly lose one of your senses but thanks to guide dogs, local blind and partially sighted people have had their lives transformed.

“But we can all do more to make their guide dogs’ lives easier. So let’s all do more to support the Guide Dogs campaigns.”

Guide Dogs has launched a poster competition for children to design a poster highlighting the danger to blind and partially sighted people of obstacles on pavements to support the Streets Ahead campaign.

Jane Clayton, principal of the academy said “We are excited to play a part in raising awareness of the difficulties faced by visually impaired people.

“Within the Academy Trust, we have some inspirational students who are faced with these difficulties on a daily basis and therefore it is wonderful to work in partnership with Guide Dogs to highlight these issues with our children and local community.”

Entries to the poster competition should be sent to: Guide Dogs Poster Competition, Wakefield Express, Bullring House, Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3BJ.

The deadline is April 30.