Wakefield takeaway sold deceptive pizzas and curries

Pizza Roma and Shimla Spice, Wakefield
Pizza Roma and Shimla Spice, Wakefield

A city takeaway has admitted selling a ham pizza which contained poultry.

Pizza Roma and Shimla Spice, on Tavern Street, also pleaded guilty to selling lamb bhuna, korma and kebab which were in fact beef.

Wakefield Magistrates’ Court heard how the Kirkgate based business also sold a “mozzarella pizza”, which was a mixture of cheese and cheese substitute.

Prosecutor Paul Jaques told the court: “Each year officers from West Yorkshire Trading Standards (WYTS) take samples from food businesses to ensure that customers are getting what they pay for.

“On Novembber 19, 2013 WYTS were sampling curries and pizzas from takeaways all over the county.”

Mr Jaques told how they placed an order for various dishes from Pizza Roma and Shimla Spice.

The dishes were then submitted to the public analyst. The results showed the curries and kebab to be beef, the ham pizza was wholly poultry and the cheese on the ‘margarita pizza with mozzarella’ contained 65 per cent milk fat and was a blend of vegetable fat and other ingredients.

Owner Majad Hussain, 34, of Clark Road, Keighley admitted five offences of selling food not of the nature demanded by the purchaser.

Solicitor Khalid Hussain, mitigating, said his client was an unsophisticated individual and the offences were not planned. Although the owner did try and shift responsibility in interview on to the suppliers, he now fully accepted it was his responsibility to look at the invoices when the meat was delivered.

But the court heard Hussain, who used an interpreter in court, would have had to ask those who could read and write to examine the invoices.

Deputy District Judge Nick Watson, adjourning sentencing until next month, said: “Members of the public have a right to expect what you are saying you are selling to them is what they receive.

“Not only are you deceiving people but you might cause them to eat things they would rather not eat.”