Warning after ‘police officer’ scammers target pensioner

A warning has been issued about a telephone scam
A warning has been issued about a telephone scam

West Yorkshire Police are warning people not to fall foul of a scam where telephone callers are purporting to be police officers.

The warning comes after officers received a case to investigate from Action Fraud, where a woman in her 80s was told her bank account was being monitored and asked her to withdraw some money.

The caller was a man who claimed to be a police officer and said that the cash was needed for fingerprints.

She was also told in later calls that her bank cards were needed so the chips could be replaced, and was also asked to pay for and collect some items from a shop.

A man attended at her home address to collect the cash, the bank cards and the items.

Enquiries are now ongoing to identify those involved in this scam.

PC Toni Hinnells, said: “The police would never call someone to tell them their bank account was being monitored, nor would they send someone to your house to collect bank cards or request you to collect items for them.

“We are aware of other reports in West Yorkshire where telephone calls have been received from people claiming to be police officers and asking them to move their money because their accounts are being monitored for fraudulent activity.

“If you receive one of these calls please hang up and contact your bank separately. They should be able to confirm if they are aware of any suspected fraud with your account.”

Anyone who believes they have been targeted in this way or approached by a bogus police officer is asked to contact police on 101, or call 999 if the crime is taking place at that time.

Any suspicious calls should be reported to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Information can also be reported anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.