Crofton library ‘to stay public’

Ext pic of Crofton High School
Ext pic of Crofton High School

THE Crofton community will not lose its library when a school becomes an academy next month.

Crofton High School headteacher Jez Horsley said a lease agreement was “already in place” to keep the library, which is part of the school, open to the public.

The announcement follows suggestions made by Wakefield Council Cabinet members last week that public use of the library could be lost when assets are transferred from the local authority.

Mr Horsley said: “The school has worked closely with the council’s Library Services to ensure and enhance facilities.

“The lease agreement is already in place for its continuity. We are however subject to the latest Library Review which is beyond our control.”

Mr Horsley also defended the school’s decision to pursue academy status, which council leader Coun Peter Box condemned last week as “outrageous”.

He added: “Our governors set out clear principles on which the application would proceed to secure the future of the school by protecting our high standards of inclusive educational provision and care.

“This includes forming a new strong working partnership and relationship with the local authority, supporting services and policies.”

School governor Coun Maureen Cummings, who questioned the future of the library at last week’s cabinet meeting, confirmed she would continue as a governor and a “critical friend”.

The school will become an academy on August 1, meaning it will no longer be controlled by the council and can set its own curriculum, term dates and staff wages.