Curly says: Eng-er-land!

Curly the sheep
Curly the sheep
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CURLY the Sheep has predicted a win for England in Sunday’s Euro 2012 quarter-final clash with Italy.

The Swaledale ram, who was found abandoned near Queen’s Drive in Ossett and rehomed at the Roleystone sanctuary in Shipley, stayed loyal to his photograph of Wayne Rooney when it was placed next to an image of volatile Italian striker Mario Balotelli.

Curly was determined to make amends for getting the Sweden result wrong last week.

He moved towards a photograph of a Viking instead of another of St George slaying a dragon.

But sheep experts are torn over his selection.

Some claim Curly may have headed towards the image because he wanted to eat it, representing an England victory.

But sceptics said he was drawn to the Viking because he associated the horns with his own kind.

The psychic sheep insisted that two results out of three was a good result, and said he was confident about Sunday.

Curly’s former carer Shaun Womersley said the ram proved a tough customer as volunteers eventually managed to shear his coat this week.

He said: “He might not have the football predicting skill of an octopus, but I think he had the last laugh when they tried to shear his coat.

“They finally got him at the third attempt.”

A car boot sale will be hosted at the sanctuary on Sunday from noon until 4pm.

For more details, call 07789 247209.