Cute Kids competition winner 2013

Joey Taylor Wakefield Cute Kids winner 2013
Joey Taylor Wakefield Cute Kids winner 2013

The winner of the Express Cute Kids competition 2013 is 17 month old Joey Taylor.

Hundreds of proud parents took their cute kids to be photographed for free throughout August at Sainsbury’s in Trinity Walk.

Readers were asked to vote for the bonniest babies each week before the entrants were whittled down to a top 10.

And now little angel Joey Taylor has been crowned top of the tots.

Proud mum, Leanne Milsom, is delighted that her cheeky cherub has toddled off with the top prize.

Miss Milsom of Lupset, said: “I’ve never entered him into a competition before and I’m so pleased that he’s done so well.

“I was shopping in Trinity Walk when they were taking the photos and I just thought I’d get one done just because he hadn’t had any professional ones taken before. He absolutely loved it infront of the camera.

“He’s a lovely baby, always smiling, he has such a big cheeky grin so he is very cute.

“We had all our family and friends voting for him, he is a popular baby so we had lots of support. I voted for him about 3 times each week.

“It was a shock every week when he got through to the next stage. And I am over the moon that he has won, really happy. I didn’t expect it - it’s a lovely surprise.”