D-Day for new city nightclub

21-23 Smyth Street, Wakefield
21-23 Smyth Street, Wakefield

A NEW nightclub could soon open in the city centre.

Factory Leisure Ltd is hoping to open the 1,000-capacity Warehouse on Smyth Street.

The company wants to serve alcohol, play music and show films until 4am and to put on special under-age nights for children aged between 13 and 17.

Previously the Black Flag venue could only serve alcohol when live music was being played.

The company has applied for a premises licence from Wakefield Council, which will make a decision on Thursday.

In a report prepared for the hearing, police have objected, claiming it will result in too many pubs and clubs in a small area.

Police licensing officer Chris Burnett said: “There are a significant number of public houses, bars and clubs with relatively high capacities.

“Although these premises have staggered closing times, it still results in a large volume of people on the streets that leads to conflict, confrontation, violence and disorder.

“The police have concerns that a grant will only add to the problem.

In its report Factory Leisure Ltd said it had a “zero tolerance” policy on crime and disorder and would train bar and door staff to deal with drunks.

It said it would also install CCTV and lighting on nearby passages and allow parents to drive right up to the club entrance during under 18 nights.