Dad’s haggis is right for Burns Night feast

Cheryl Garthwaite with haggis made by her father Graham Murdoch of Forres,Scotland
Cheryl Garthwaite with haggis made by her father Graham Murdoch of Forres,Scotland

Afarm shop boss is going back to her roots with a haggis recipe made by her dad and passed down for more than a century.

Blacker Hall Farm Shop director Cheryl Garthwaite, originally from Morayshire, will be addressing the “great chieftain of the pudding race” for Burns Night today.

The Murdoch Haggis has been handcrafted by her father - top butcher - Graham Murdoch.The haggis will be on the table at Blacker Hall’s Barn restaurant in Calder Grove on Friday and on Saturday.

Mrs Garthwaite, 32, formerly of Forres, near Inverness, said: “It’s a family recipe, which goes back in my family for about four generations.

“I think Burns Night is a chance for me to reflect on my Scottish roots and my heritage and certainly to think about my family.

“I’ve been in Yorkshire for more than 10 years. It can be a time when you miss home a little bit.

“We will be having a piper here and the haggis address.”

But the mum-of-two conceded she might have to gen up on Robbie Burns’ address to the haggis.

She managed to reel off its most famous line about the “great chieftain o’ the pudding race” but not the full eight verses of the 1786 poem Address to the Haggis.

The Haggis, which is also available in the shop, will be served with the traditional “neeps and tatties”, turnips and potatoes.

The four-course meal at Blacker Hall, Branch Road, begins at 7.30pm on Friday and 7pm on Saturday.

Call 01924 267202 for more details.

It’s been an eventful week for Blacker Hall Farm Shop, which was forced to shut on Monday because of the snow.

The farm shop - which is set in a rural location, off Denby Dale Road - employs 130 people but only a skeleton crew managed to make it into work on Monday morning.

They were hit by transport problems after bus services were suspended.

Mrs Garthwaite said: “We had seven people out of 130 - that includes one groundsman. There were six production people.

“This is the second time in our 13-year history that we have ever closed for snow.”

But the award-winning business, which has 13,000 in its customer loyalty scheme, did manage to reach its fan-base.

It told 8,000 of them about the closure via email and countless more by social-networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

They said sorry to customers who attended.