Dangerous Akita dog Demon owned by the Birdman of Eastmoor bit an eight year-old girl

Gary Field rooftop housing protest, Eastmoor
Gary Field rooftop housing protest, Eastmoor

An eccentric who once staged a rooftop protest dressed as a parrot has been in court for having a dog called ‘Demon’ which bit an eight year-old girl.

Gary Field, 54, made national headlines in April 2011 when he climbed on top of his council house in Eastmoor to complain about the state of the decorating.

But on Tuesday, Field was in court after admitting being the owner of a dog which was dangerously out of control and caused injury.

City magistrates heard how an eight-year-old girl and her mum went to Field’s house to see about a Japanese akita puppy.

Prosecutor Richard Ogden said Field had seven akitas of varying ages.

The girl was playing with the puppy last August outside Field’s house on Warmfield View. But she went to touch adult dog, Demon, which bit her on the arm. Field shouted “no” to the dog and ushered it away. He maintained the dog had only nipped her but accepted the little girl had a puncture wound when she got home.

The dog was seized following a witness description but Field claimed police took the wrong dog, Demon’s son, Chunk.

Greg Cross, defending, said: “It isn’t possible to ascertain beyond a reasonable doubt which dog, because the dog isn’t micro chipped. The Crown maintain they have the right dog.”

Chunk was said to have a ragged ear and shaved paw but the dog in custody didn’t.

But magistrate Hazel Chowcat said the bench would be unhappy to pass a suspended destruction order on a dog which might not be Demon.

She asked if there was anyway to check the dogs.

Mr Ogden, prosecuting, suggested teeth and added: “Perhaps the ear is definitive, I would say.”

Dr Chowcat said there must be an adjournment but added the bench were minded not to destroy Demon so long as he is muzzled, micro chipped and kept on a lead.

Field told the bench: “I appreciate you being so concerned about my dog.”