Dead horse dumped at Wakefield nature spot

Stanley nature reserve
Stanley nature reserve

FAMILIES were shocked to find a dead horse dumped at a popular beauty spot.

Anglers and walkers made the gruesome discovery when visiting Stanley Nature Reserve on Saturday.

How or why the piebald horse was discarded off Balk Lane remains a mystery and the body was left to rot for at least two days.

Janet Elam of Stanley was one of many people who reported the incident to the RSPCA and Wakefield Council’s environmental health team, but neither are going to investigate.

Mrs Elam said: “I would have expected it to have been collected on the Saturday for health and safety reasons. It was not pleasant for young children.

“It is a shame that it is not going to be looked at, but I guess they all have their reasons.

“It was definitely dumped as there are no horses up there and it was covered with branches.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said dead horses are often dumped as people look to avoid high costs of having them disposed properly.

But she said they will not investigate this matter as it did not appear to be “suspicious”.

Diane Widdowson, environmental health service manager, said: “Owing to the size and weight of the animal special arrangements had to be made and it was removed on Monday for incineration.

“We have no means of identifying the horse or its owner and no witnesses as to how it came to be there so we are unable to pursue it further.”

No similar incidents have been reported before.