Deal or No Deal? Former Miss Wakefield Katie Cheeseman appears on Noel Edmonds’ Channel 4 show

Noel Edmonds, Katie Cheeseman and Neil McCluskey on Deal Or No Deal.
Noel Edmonds, Katie Cheeseman and Neil McCluskey on Deal Or No Deal.

A nurse has gone from watching a TV quiz show with her patients to becoming one of the longest-running contestants.

Katie Cheeseman, 29, has just finished filming a month-long stint on Channel 4’s Deal Or No Deal, which is hosted by Noel Edmonds.

The former Miss Wakefield has been sworn to secrecy about how much cash she won, but it was enough to fund a dream holiday and a new house with her solider fiance Neil McCluskey.

Miss Cheeseman, of Sandal, said: “I used to watch the show with the patients I look after and they all encouraged me to apply. It was the best time of my life. Everyone on the show is so lovely, especially Noel. Not many contestants have spent so long on the show.”

The district nurse also took part in a space-themed episode to celebrate a birthday of the show’s famous banker.

And there was a surprise waiting for her in the audience - her fiancé.

Mr McCluskey flew over from his army base in Northern Ireland to surprise her.

The couple got engaged last summer after he returned from serving in Afghanistan. And her win couldn’t have come at a better time.

Mr McCluskey, 30, has served with the army for the past 14 years. While serving in Iraq he was caught up in an explosion which lead to permanent damage to his hearing.

Miss Cheeseman said: “Neil is about to be medically discharged from the army. Because of Deal Or No Deal we can go travelling and buy a house which is something we couldn’t have afforded to do before.”

Miss Cheeseman was one of 20,000 people who applied to be on the show.

She said: “The producers are very intelligent and can see genuine people and the people who deserve a chance on the show.

“When I realised how many people applied to be on the show I thought there would be a lot of tough competition. But I’ve always had a feeling that I would get on it.”

Miss Cheeseman will appear on Deal Or No Deal later this year.