Debt led to theft and a casino trip

Charlie Browns Northgate, Wakefield.
Charlie Browns Northgate, Wakefield.

A GAMBLER stole from his work at Charlie Brown’s to a pay off a debt and then tried to win the money back at a casino, a court heard.

Supervisor Scott Iredale, 36, admitted taking £1,585 in cash from the auto centre on Northgate while his boss was away on holiday. Iredale took money over the course of six days from January 31 and made frequent trips to an unnamed casino where he lost again and again.

Deputy District Judge Sandra Knapton, after hearing details of the case, asked Iredale: “Am I right in thinking the root of all your problems is gambling?”

Iredale said it was. The court heard how part of his role was to administer the daily takings. But on February 6 he confessed to his boss that he had taken money from the business.

Prosecutor Diane Gomersall said the employee apologised and offered to pay the money back, but the police were called in line with company policy.

Iredale told them he had been struggling with debt and financial difficulties. The court heard he actually owed his manager £150 and couldn’t afford to pay him back.

So instead of banking the daily takings, he used some of it to repay his manager but spent the rest at a casino in a bid to recoup the cash and hide what he’d done. Iredale did win on his third visit but then gambled the lot and lost.

Iredale, who had taken out some “pay day loans”, has now been dismissed from his job. Rob Phones, mitigating, said: “As often with gambling the money hasn’t been recovered and it has made matters worse.”

Iredale, of Taylor Hill Road, Huddersfield, was sentenced to a community order with 12-month supervision, 80-hour unpaid work and 15-day activity requirements.