Delays at Pinderfields hospital

Date:14th January 2010.'Ambulances at Leeds General Infirmary Jubilee Wing.
Date:14th January 2010.'Ambulances at Leeds General Infirmary Jubilee Wing.
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AMBULANCES are facing delays when taking emergency patients to Pinderfields Hospital.

Guidelines say crews should hand over patients and have ambulances ready for the next call-out in 25 minutes. But delays in A&E mean the turnaround time has been breached in more than 60 per cent of cases at the hospital.

At Pinderfields, the number of breaches averaged 55 per cent last year, rising to 62 per cent this year.

Data released by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) shows that this year, only Leeds General Infirmary, at 63 per cent, performed worse than Pinderfields.

Adrian Griffiths, interim chief operating officer for Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We continue to work with our ambulance service colleagues to reduce any delays in turnaround time from ambulance arrival to departure.

“A key aim for us is to assess emergency patients as quickly as possible following arrival by ambulance so that they receive the most appropriate care as quickly as possible. We are pleased to have seen a continued improvement in this over recent months.”

Turnaround times included handing the patient over, cleaning and restocking the vehicle.

YAS director of operations Sarah Fatchett said: “During periods of high demand hospitals may experience busy periods which, understandably, can result in delays. On these occasions, patients are cared for by our ambulance staff who work alongside hospital staff to ensure they are admitted as quickly and as safely as possible.”