Director overjoyed at city premiere for his supernatural horror movie

A Wakefield-born film director says it was 'essential' that his latest movie was premiered in his home county.

Coz Greenop also co-wrote Dark Beacon, his supernatural horror film that was recently screened at Leeds’ The Light.

The 31-year-old from Flockton Moor, who has directed, written and starred in a number of films and TV programmes, says he has been pleased with the reaction to his latest offering after being given the chance to show it on the big screen.

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He said: “The premiere in Leeds was amazing. Being a Yorkshireman, myself, it was a chance for my friends and family to see the film, which was lovely, and they have a tight film community here as well.

“They’re really into their films and we had a lot of great questions during the Q&A.

“When we were talking about screenings I always knew we had to show the film in Leeds, it was essential.”

“The reviews have been really positive and I think people like seeing characters who could actually be real people. Me and my co-writer Lee Apsey tried to make the dialogue as naturalistic as possible, which then makes the whole film far more believable. You can see elements you identify with in each of the characters.”

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Shot entirely in Jersey, it stars April Pearson from Channel 4’s Skins, who is haunted by her husband at a secluded lighthouse as she tries to come to terms with his death.

The movie is now available to buy on Blu-ray, DVD and on digital platforms.