Drunk threatened to chop of teen’s fingers with meat cleaver over booze row

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court

A DRUNK threatened to chop a 16-year-old boy’s fingers off with a meat cleaver after he refused to buy him alcohol, a court heard.

Nathan Hirst also threatened to cut off a woman’s hand during the incident in Wakefield.

Leeds Crown Court heard Hirst, 28, stole a meat cleaver after walking into a woman’s home near to where he lived.

Michael Collins, prosecuting, said Hirst walked into her home on September 29 last year as the woman was in the kitchen with her sister.

He was told to get out and left but returned. He let himself into the property when she was in the bath. Mr Collins said Hirst went into the bedroom and laid on the bed. He was told to leave and went to the kitchen and picked up the meat cleaver.

The woman’s sister returned to the house and he threatened to cut off her hand.

Hirst then left and approached three teenagers, asking them to them to buy him alcohol from a shop. One of the boys refused, saying he was only 16. Mr Collins said: “He (Hirst) told him to put his fingers on the wall and lifted the meat cleaver as though he was going to chop down on his hands.” The teenager removed his hand from the wall and Hirst approached one of his friends. He told the boy to put his fingers against some railings but he refused.

Hirst, of Guys Croft, Lupset, Wakefield, pleaded guilty to affray, theft, common assault and having a bladed article.

Aubrey Sampson, mitigating, said Hirst had been drinking heavily at the time of the offences.

The case was adjourned for a probation service report to consider whether Hirst is suitable to attend an alcohol treatment programme. He will be sentenced on June 25.