Eastmoor man caught on CCTV leaving gun by railway line

Court snatch - Ronnie Hudson. (W515B316)
Court snatch - Ronnie Hudson. (W515B316)

A man banned from keeping firearms for life was caught on camera leaving a shotgun by a railway line.

Ronnie Hudson, 63, was barred from keeping guns in 1971 after being jailed for three years for burglary, handling and driving offences.

But prosecutor Karen Medley said police were alerted by Network Rail on New Year’s Day after CCTV designed to catch cable thieves revealed a man disposing of something by the track near Eastmoor. Officers found a fully-working “side by side” shotgun lying by the side of the track.

The CCTV was circulated and Hudson, of Grantley Street, Wakefield, was identified eight days later. Police also found 30 shotgun cartridges in his house and three air rifles.

Hudson, who admitted possessing a shot gun, 30 cartridges and three air rifles while prohibited, told police he had seen a group of men putting something in nearby woods. He went to see what it was and discovered the shotgun.

He claimed he put the gun by the track, knowing there had been recent cable thefts, and was likely to be discovered. He took the ammunition because he didn’t want it to be left with the gun. Kim Foley, mitigating, said Hudson didn’t try and conceal his identity and even looked at the security camera. Wakefield’s District Judge Marie Mallon committed him for sentence at Leeds Crown Court.