Election 2018: Democrats and Veterans Party

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Standing in: 1 seat – Altofts and Whitwood

Pitch: Those of you who are disenfranchised with politics and believe it is simply something which happens in Westminster.

Those of you who can no longer vote Labour, with their policies of open borders, of “a” customs union, socialism, re-nationalisation of railways, water, energy and Royal Mail. Because they are the Party of working men and women.

Are they?

Those of you who would never vote Conservative because of their policies of public sector pay freezes, social care cuts, reduction in police and Armed Forces, the bedroom tax, the reduction in free school meals…

… and the decimation of the mining industry in Yorkshire.

Those of you who voted something other than red or blue in 2015.

Those of you who “loaned” their votes to the Tories during the 2017 General Election, because you were promised that this would ensure a strong negotiating position for Brexit.

Did it?

YOU should hold the power to make your own decisions about how your money is spent, on what Laws are made and what Bills are passed…

Direct democracy does all this. It puts the power back in YOUR hands.

We are only party offering you direct democracy.

Vote Democrats and Veterans Party.